Neck liposuction

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“Body and neck liposuction can be adressed by the same technique.. The perfect candidates for this surgery are young people with nice tone and quality of skin, and people with small to moderated fat deposits to obtain a good retraction of the neck so is easier to get nice facial angles as result

In each liposuction procedure cannulas of small caliber are use to vacuum fat that has to be removed to achieve the right thickness of the skin. At the end of the procedure patient must wear a compression garment constantly during teh first two weeks, and at nights the third week. This procedure can be combined with some other surgeries. such as chin implant, bichat removal, rinoplasty etc,

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and it lasts around 1 hour. 3 incisions of 2 mm areand at the end of the healing process the scars are imperceptible.”


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